Saturday, September 06, 2014


Long absentee here, and Hi I am back!

Let me start all over again by switching my blog into a new channel. Feel shy to say this but I would like to start this blog all over again by updating my life with the love one. His name will be confidential and in this blog I will name him as my BOY.

Just to update everyone that I've started my new life in Singapore now. It's like soon to be one year in 2months ahead. Before this, my life in Resort World Genting is awesome. Learning alot about life, like.... ALOT! And there I met my BOY as my senior colleague in Year 2009 for 2years and then we became a couple on February 2011. Starting of a love story will be as usual like everyone, sweet and sound. And right now today, our relationship has been for 3years plus. To make things short, we've been through alot of ups and downs. From nothing to something and then alot of things to come. We are so in love, we cried for stupid fights, faught for no reason and in the end up I chose to leave Malaysia, hoping to find a better future for myself, my family and for both of US.

I started my new life in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore on November 2013 and left my BOY in Malaysia. We are apart from the ocean, the deep blue sea. During the midst of adapting, we had uncountable times for giving up each other for being in a long distance relationship. His bad or my bad, there's nobody should be blamed. You can imagine during my days in Malaysia, we both are seeing each other everyday and now we are like lost contact or different in shift caused that we might not talking in like a week or maybe even worse. Perhaps this is really a good challenge for both of us to grow up and learn because this may tell whether should we go on with this relationship. As time goes by, things seem to be getting slightly better. Apparently, we took about 9months to accept this long distance relationship. Seriously, during the midst it was really such a mess. I can say in that bloody 9months I am crying everynight to sleep, pathetic. Eventhough now I wouldn't call it perfect but at least we tried and never regret.

Therefore, the reason I started this blog again is because I wanted to record all the moments that we had and also to share what we had go through to make things right. I cant foresee whether we have any future but at this moment I just want to do something for both of US. On the same time it is mainly also because I will like to share my travelling moment on the web so that people have an idea of vacation when their lost in the act, same like myself. That is what my intention in this blog and all of the coming posts most likely will be my vacation with my BOY.

I, personally don't really have much money to travel as I am always having a tight financial background. But ever since I've started my life in Singapore, my life isn't really that hard as before anymore. I don't look for luxuries. I am truly a person who really expect for a simple life and spending my time only with the one that I treasure, like my family and also my BOY. After a long mess and things started to go a little bit stable, we had planned for a vacation to Bali-Indonesia. So, obviously my next post gonna be about my trip to Bali-Indonesia. I hope you guys will look forward to the next post. And there we go some teaser for you.......

At Kuta Beach, Bali with my BOY. Whee~^^

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Sorry, its a lame post. wtf~

Hi all, its been a long time i neglected my post. Never forgotten my lovely diary too, if not mistaken I've stopped writing since before my 21st birthday which was last year. Sigh, to the max! I do admit, eversince I've started my job "up there", I've been so lazy hanging over and get my things done. The only thing which in my mind is, I need more time to rest; dun bother me anyway. LOL! By the way, just trying to start this post with a random one but ends up, its fucking lousy. EWW!

Its been over some schedule I never really back to my home sweet home. But not for this month anymore. I'm going home, but just for two days. No plan, not going out at all cause I'm just TOO LAZYYY! Oh my, its bored. but i love -___-

Well, back to the main point again!!! STOP THE LAME-NESS!! [*scream!!*] Just to tell you guys that I'm trying to chase back what has left and to update what had happened during this mean time and what is going on and why am I often in M.I.A status and what with all the while emo-depressing status and and andddd....!!!!!

...and I don't know what else. SIGHhHHHhhhhhhhhhh~ :(

Seems like my life is growing older and older. I started to get lazy with the-FUN, bored with the-ENTERTAINMENT. Getting more and more speechless~ just wished to have a good morning everytime i woke up from my bed, have my breakfast-lunch-dinner like the usual ones, doing common things that what humans will do everyday, then ends up with a nice slumberland when the night comes~

ANYWAYYYY, trying to give myself some goal this month to motivate myself BACK! [*this is just a lame reason, sorry. -___-*] And the goal of this month goes tooooooo~~~~~ *tadaaaaa!* I AM GOING TO DIET AGAINNNN!! FUCK THE BELLY & FATSSSS! And I must make this success! Success! AND SUCCESSSS!!!!!! BuAhaahahahHHAha! >D

*once again, I'm sorry for the lame-ness. FUCK!*

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bad Bad Life.


...because when we are free from Love, we are free from sadness.

I'm back for 4days holiday again. I realised that my temper is getting so serious nowadays. And its all about the anger which created among human beings.

First of all, I have a bad time in my working place. People started transferring out one by one, never forgotten the one who resigned and the loneliness is gaining from time to time. Second, doesnt really good with any colleagues. Mostly because I don't feel like being good with any of them. Hatred is gaining from now and then. Nevertheless, pressure from my job. Who can I share this problem with? Does anyone out there who really can feel the way I am now? Sigh.

Its been a hectic month in this July. I've been given so many tasks to complete which is out of my position. I don't mind if you assigned me on any task, I really never thought of getting ANY REPAY. But not until "she" asked me what have I done which is beyond my job. I'm getting so speechless and wondering a lot what's the reason she has to ask, and seriously.. I dare not to answer because I'm afraid that she will take this as a complain where I AM NOT!

Hopefully all these will be neutralized back some day~
Back to the main point.

My mood is down to the drain nowadays. What's in my mind through out this month is just days being ruined one by one. Until the day when I'm back to my downtown, things still never stopped. I'm trying so hard not to give any respond towards any conflict which happened in between, but still I don't understand why people still trying to incite the whole situation?! Trying to gain my anger? Wants me to swear you? You know I can do anything which is beyond your perception but still I try to control myself and yet I STILL DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY THE HELL YOU STILL TRY TO DO SOMETHING WHICH IRRITATES ME SO FUCKING WELL!! I'm trying so hard to ignore everyone of you, but still I don't know why do you have to bother my sucks life. Just doesn't understand why must LIFE forced me to hate the one that I love the most. And without denying, you guys have seriously caused me hates you for tones. Instead of asking you guys to die, I hope someone could murdered me!!

就是因为是亲人, 所以我才选择逃避..
就是因为是亲人, 你也不用那么过分..

Don't try to test my patience please, I have my limit.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Hi, emo.

五月天 - 温柔 (还你自由版)

走在风中 今天阳光 突然好温柔
天的温柔 地的温柔 像你抱着我
然后发现 你的改变 孤单的今后
如果冷 该怎么度过

天边风光 身边的我 都不在你眼中
你的眼中 藏着什么 我从来都不懂
没有关系 你的世界 就让你拥有
不打扰 是我的温柔

不知道 不明了 不想要 为什么 我的心
明明是想靠近 却孤单到黎明
不知道 不明了 不想要 为什么 我的心
那爱情的绮丽 总是在孤单里

不知不觉 不情不愿 又到巷子口
我没有哭 也没有笑 因为这是梦
没有预兆 没有理由 你真的有说过
如果有 就让你自由

不知道 不明了 不想要 为什么 我的心
明明是想靠近 却孤单到黎明
不知道 不明了 不想要 为什么 我的心
那爱情的绮丽 总是在孤单里

不知不觉 不情不愿 又到巷子口
我没有哭 也没有笑 因为这是梦
没有预兆 没有理由 你真的有说过
如果有 就让你自由




Thank you damn-song for being such a companion for so long.
You have never failed to make me cry until today.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Holiday kills

Just back from Langkawi trip. As I have already applied for 2 days annual leave so that I could have more time to rest when I'm back to my home sweet home. Right after the Langkawi trip, I've back up the hill for one night purposely to meet some precious one.

Her name, EeLing.

Purposely back up the hill to have a-hopefully-not-the-last-dinner with her cause she has hand up her resign letter and her last day gonna be on the 22nd. As I will only back up to work on the 23rd, therefore already dated her earlier to meet her before she leaves.

The second precious one, Ah Chyi

Her visit to Genting with her bf. Its been some time since I last met her. There she is, the dearest one ever. =)

After meeting them, I back to downtown for another 3 days holiday. Somehow, abit depressed for this holiday, felt abit wasted my 2 days annual that I'd purposely applied because I've been doing nothing. But matters are all over the way~

I've been told regarding a bad news. I knew that I am cruel to everyone because you thought I have no feeling towards this matter at all and not even a sad expression or a sullen sigh as response. But somehow, you will never knew how much I wish that I could totally ignore and doesn't even mind about it. You don't even knew I hope I could pretend that I never heard of anything or maybe I wish that I'm deaf instead, no? Sigh~ Perhaps when the day that we don't wish it will happened really came, I wont be able to accept the fact. But can you tell me, what else can I do other than pretending that I'm okay??

Anyhow, if there's really any misfortune in the end, I'm sure its a serious-grief.. but still, I am so sorry. *heartache*

Monday, May 17, 2010


Lol~ Teaser of the day!
Guess where am I~~ :D

Have been busying with my current job lately.
Have no time to update the latest one.
But thank GOD, because I'm still not dead yet, NEVER!!

There's more coming up soon, will be re-updated, HOPEFULLY!^^

Thursday, March 11, 2010

To be remember.

Just for a remembrance.
Without reliazing, things had happened for one year.

Back to one year past, I still remember that morning when I jumped up from my fuckup-slumberland in a sudden and picked up that damn-phone-call, immediately I burst my tears like I had never cried before. My heart is pain and feel like screaming my lungs out but I can't.

...its because the pain is too deep.

I never had that kind of feeling before. The pain is even worst than anything in this world I can confirmed. And I also can say the feeling that I'm having now is still the same as the moment as I picked up the damn-phone-call.

My heart is ache-ing...
...and its always be.

I miss you so much, peeps...! *tears of love*